Deity Holeshot 35 Riser Handlebar

Deity Holeshot 35 Riser Handlebar

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The Deity Holeshot is one of the widest handlebars on the market ringing in at 825mm. This handlebar was made specifically for downhill and aggressive enduro riding.

Made from gradient-butted aluminum with the popular geometry of a five-degree upsweep and a nine-degree backsweep, the Holeshot is perfect for the aggressive rider who wants top-notch performance.


  • Clamp Size: 35mm
  • Rise: 38mm
  • Length: 825mm uncut width
  • Material: 7075 T73 gradient-butted aluminum
  • Dimensions: 9-degree backsweep, 5-degree upsweep
  • Weight: 327g{ background-color: #333333; }