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Grit Cycles

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While other shops balked at rebuilding the rear end of my ancient Specialized, Grit Cycles took to the task with tenacity. Thanks to their wrenching wizardry and eagle eye for detail, my old bike feels like a stalwart steed once again. Best side shop experience I've had in Bellingham in years. Glad I found my new go to service center in town.

David S.
Bellingham, WA

Great shop, take my BMX and my mountain bike there. Not condescending, very helpful and goes above and beyond to see the job through.

Garrett S.
Bellingham, WA

Like many others, I am new to Mountain Biking this past year and bought a used bike. I brought my bike in for a tune up as it was not shifting well, and the brakes were about gone. They were super informative, transparent, and excellent at communicating! They also warranty their work, which gives great peace of mind. My bike rides SO MUCH BETTER now, I had no idea it was so borked. I will definitely be back.

Michael V.
Bellingham, WA

Needed a quick repair in order to deliver a bike in good condition to my granddaughter. It was a ridiculously slim window to get it accomplished and, holy cow, they were able to order the parts and get it fixed to meet my timetable! They far exceeded my expectations as I didn’t think it was possible to make it happen that fast. Strongly recommend these guys. They are awesome!

Bruce G.
Bellingham, WA