About Us

At Grit Cycles, our motto is "Forged by Passion." From the dirt we sculpt to the wrenches we turn, everything we do is dedicated to keeping the wheels of our passion spinning. What matters to us is being completely immersed in the feeling of freedom and flow that only a ride on a bicycle can offer. Whether you're cruising around town or threading your way through the forest, we get it. And we're here to make sure you have every opportunity to harness your gift.

Our Team

Callie Waldschmidt - Mechanic and Owner

Callie found mountain biking while pursuing her other passion...skiing! She rapidly fell in love and it's pretty much taken over her life. Callie has been working in the bike industry for the past 8 years as both a mechanic and salesperson, and can't seem to stay away for very long. 

When she's not rebuilding shocks or troubleshooting a misbehaving drivetrain, you can find her deep in the woods riding and building trail. 

Vail Dark - Stoke Machine + Mechanic

Vail grew up in Idaho and first started appreciating bikes as a kid when she identified it as the best way to catch the ice cream truck. Now, her love continues to grow as she uses bikes as way to slow down while still moving fast, seeing new details in the landscapes she rides through and feeling the freedom of flying though the air on two wheels. Tending to your beloved bike is the pleasure of a lifetime for her, as she understands the power of the relationship between person and bike. 

Vail just graduated from WWU with a B.S. in Environmental Science and a minor in Education and Social Justice. She enjoys card games, wood stoves, ice cream (still), giving Dusty her morning scratches, and throwing herself into building projects she knows nothing about.

Dusty - The Shop Pup

Dusty hails from the Southwest, found wandering the desert as a puppy. Nowadays, she is a true PNW adventure dog, following Callie down the best mountain bike trails around. She loves treats, belly rubs, and running as fast as she can.