Deity Deftrap Composite Pedals

Deity Deftrap Composite Pedals

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The Deity Deftrap Composite Pedal is the ultimate composite pedal. This pedal has a concave platform modeled after Deity's signature TMAC pedal, is fully rebuildable, and adapts to any usage - from downhill to dirt jumps. 

The Deftrap is made from premium nylon glass fiber material, making it strong and stiff. It's a Grit Cycles best seller and it's the pedal of choice for many local shredders.


  • Material: Injection Molded Nylon Fiber Composite Body
  • Dimensions: 113mm L x 103mm W footprint
  • Concavity: 1.5mm of concave shape in the pedal body (per side)
  • Pins: 10 pins per side (8 replaceable steel pins, and 2 fixed nylon pins)
  • Fully rebuildable
  • Weight: 391 grams per pair