DVO Topaz Full Rebuild

DVO Topaz Full Rebuild

DVO Topaz Full Rebuild

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We're gonna treat your shock right! Here's what we'll do: 

First, we inspect and test your shock to see what we're working with. Once we have a good idea of what it needs, we'll record all of your settings and begin disassembly. We take our time in this stage, looking for scratches, broken seals, bent parts, and any other signs of damage. Our goal is to make your shock good as new! If it needs any new parts, we'll give you a call and let you know.

Once your shock passes disassembly and inspection, we move on to the rebuild! We clean each tiny piece, regrease it, add fresh seals. Then, we do a full damper bleed getting out every last bit of air. 

Last but not least, we add a nitrogen charge and dyno test your shock to be sure that it's 100% ready to ride. Once it passes, we reassemble your shock, set your rebound and compression settings, add your preferred PSI and send it back to you!

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