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We make suspension easy

We know that suspension can get confusing. Our mission is to make suspension accessible so that every rider can take full advantage of these amazing pieces of engineering. 

From full rebuilds to expert advice, we're here to help your time on the trails feel amazing. We offer a quick turnaround so you can keep doing what you love.  And, by offering mail order service to anywhere in the United States, everyone can have access to great feeling suspension at a competitive price. 

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Do you warranty your work?

Yes! We offer a 90 day suspension service warranty from date of service completion. Please note that his warranty is subject to our discretion.

If the product has been subject to excessive wear or misuse after the service we cannot offer warranty. We also cannot offer warranty to products that needs replacement parts that are out of production, unavailable, or unapproved by customer. 

What is your turnaround time?

For suspension work, we begin disassembly and inspection the minute the product arrives. This allows us to diagnose and order parts if needed. After checking that everything is up to par, suspension will be completed within 5 business days (unless waiting on replacement parts). 

From our experience, if you have a loud noise, knocking, or just a generally blown piece of suspension, it's likely that something is broken or worn on the inside. If that's the case, we'll promptly source the replacement part and contact you with a quote and revised ETA. 

How often should I have my fork or shock serviced?

Just like changing oil in your car, suspension products all require lubrication to work well. Manufacturer's all have specific service recommendations click here to read more. Service frequency also depends on how well you take care of the bike, where you're riding (such as muddy environments), rider skill level, and having appropriate settings. 

By keeping up on service, you're keeping your fork or shock in as good of shape as possible. Plus, fresh suspension feels amazing!


Due to COVID-19 supply chain issues, special order parts may require additional lead time, but we will work our hardest to return your product as quickly as possible. If we find a customer's shock unserviceable or the customer declines necessary additional parts, customer will be charged for shipping + a $45 diagnosis fee and refunded for their upfront payment. Items will be serviced within 5 business days of arrival and will be shipped back to the customer immediately upon payment. Grit Cycles offers shipping insurance at checkout. Grit Cycles is not responsible for items lost or damaged in transit and any insurance claims must be dealt with the carrier directly.